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Smart Heat Interface Units

What is a Smart heat interface unit? It’s a unit that delivers all the demands of a modern energy-efficient heat network. Here are a few features of a Smart HIU –

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ModuSat® Smart-Heat Interface Units (HIUs)

Also called a heat board, HIU, heat interface, hydraulic interface unit or a heat exchange unit. The ModuSat® consists of either high capacity heat exchangers for indirect and hot water and space heating. Or a single plate heat exchanger for the hydraulic break and a fast recovery hot water tank.

Our range of models includes –

  • Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water and Heating
  • Integrated Hot Water Storage
  • Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water only
  • Heating only
  • Cooling only
  • Combined Heating / Domestic Hot Water & Cooling
Heat Network
VWART energy efficient heat interface units icon

Designed for Modern Energy Efficient Heat Networks

What do we mean by modern, energy-efficient heat network systems?

They operate with low-temperatures and wide Delta T’s to maximise energy efficiency. Some examples include –

  • Low domestic hot water return temperatures and in turn excellent VWARTs;
  • Fast and responsive DHW performance;
  • Programmable keep warm functionality. Provides a balance between the speed of hot water delivery and energy-saving;
  • Independently tested to the U.K. standard for HIUs from BESA;
  • Work with low primary flow temperatures, which fit with low-temperature systems like heat pumps;
  • Enable the network temperature to be weather compensated, giving minimised energy use and heat loss.

Smart Energy Regulation and Control

Our Smart Energy Regulation and Control offers many benefits for HIU performance and heat network efficiency. So, how does it work?

  • Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV’s) provide combined differential pressure control, giving balanced, self-configuring flow through the HIU;
  • Fast-acting, electronically regulated actuators give an instant response to changes in energy need;
  • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic gives precise actuator/valve control and fast response to hot water need, without “overshoot”;
  • Electronically actuated PICV’s also work as a shut-off valve, so the ModuSat® can be configured for either credit or PAYG billing.
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HIU Metering and Billing

Flexible Metering & Billing for Heat Interface Units

When designing, installing or operating a HIU system, consider energy metering, monitoring and billing at an early stage. This ensures the best solution is provided for residents and the building owner or manager.

Considerations –

  • Communication network – Bus, Ethernet or fibre Optic?
  • Evinox HIUs feature combined Pre-payment technology
  • Flexible billing options such as part credit billing and part pre-payment
  • Combined billing and service & maintenance packages provide value for money and expertise
  • Future-proof your development by using an open access system.

SmartTalk® Communications Network

Electronically controlled units provide many benefits. This includes the ability to facilitate a two‐way communication network. This means that when connected to the internet our ModuSat® Heat Interface Unit becomes an IoT device. This offers a wide range of benefits to consumers, facilities managers and heat network operators.

  • The system can be monitored, adjusted or regulated remotely using SmartTalk®
  • Full comfort for the end-user, whilst delivering important system information
  • Supplied ready to connect to HIVE & NEST controllers
  • Access to granular operational and performance data
  • Open protocol access to meter reading data and alarms
Evinox Smart Talk
ViewSmart ENE3 controller with 12 months display

ViewSmart Room Controller & Energy Display Device

Provides all the functionality residents need to manage their heating and hot water system. This includes:

  • Room temperature stat
  • Ability to program a heating and hot water schedule
  • Programmable keep-warm functionality
  • Read all meters connected to the HIU
  • Energy Display Device model turns the ViewSmart controller into a Smart meter

Remote Warranty Validation and Service & Maintenance for HIUs

ModuSat HIU systems are designed to provide many years of reliable, energy-efficient service. However, continuous operation relies on regular service and maintenance. Evinox provides several smart solutions around this –

  • Remote warranty validation for HIUs saves time and reduces costs
  • Ongoing service and maintenance can avoid unnecessary call-outs
  • Our service plans with one or two-year contracts provide flexibility
  • Combined packages available for billing and maintenance with competitive rates and peace of mind as standard!
Remote Control and Communication

Find Out More About all of the Models in the ModuSat® Smart Heat Interface Unit Range

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Heat Networks

  • District and Communal Heat Networks
  • Delivery of low carbon heating
  • Heat Interface Units
  • Energy Metering and Billing
  • Service and Maintenance
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Energy Metering & Billing

  • Credit Billing Services
  • PaySmart® Pre-payment System
  • Billing Solutions for Non Evinox Equipment
  • Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 Advice and Guidance
  • Domestic Heat Meters and Point of Entry & Bulk Meters
Evinox installed communial heating

Service & Maintenance

  • Heat Interface Unit Service & Maintenance
  • Plant Room – Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • ModuSat® Heat Interface Unit Enhanced Warranty Cover
  • Combined Packages for Metering, Billing and Service & Maintenance
  • Domestic Boiler Service & Maintenance