Smart Energy Regulation & Control

For a more efficient district or communal heating system

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How does our Smart Energy Regulation & Control work?

ModuSat® HIU’s feature smart energy regulation and control, which includes advanced Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic, in combination with Pressure Independent Control Vales (PICV’s) and a fast-acting actuator. This provides a myriad of benefits in terms of HIU performance, optimisation for heat network efficiency and ongoing customer support –

  • Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV’s) provide integrated differential pressure control, providing balanced, self-configuring flow through the HIU
  • Fast acting, electronically regulated actuators provide immediate response to changes in energy demand
  • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic provides accurate actuator/valve control and fast response to hot water demand, without “overshoot” (Reduces energy wastage)
  • Electronically actuated PICV’s also function as a shut off valve, so ModuSat® Smart HIU’s can easily be configured for either credit or PAYG billing systems

In addition, ModuSat® HIU’s are supplied prepayment ready with a room controller meaning there is no requirement for additional controls, sensors or equipment to provide remote monitoring of temperatures and flow rates or to switch the end user to a debt free PAYG system.

Smart Energy Regulation & Control enables the ModuSat® Smart HIU to deliver energy efficiency features such as –

  • Fully programmable hot water “Keep-warm” function, enabling operation on a timed basis, helping to reduce return temperatures and providing flexibility over heat network configuration
  • Weather compensation, which allows secondary system flow temperatures to be automatically adjusted based on outdoor temperatures
  • Automatic control of pump speed to maintain delta T on secondary circuit, helping low return temperatures to be maintained

SmartTalk® Communications Network – Internet Connected

An additional benefit of using our electronically controlled heat interface units is that they can operate on a 2‐way communication network, which when connected over the internet to remote servers means the ModuSat HIU becomes an IoT device, offering a wide range of benefits to both consumers, facilities managers and heat network operators a like.

Find out More about our SmartTalk® Communication Networks

Find Out More About the Energy Efficiency Features of our ModuSat® Smart HIU Range

ModuSat® XR HIU’s feature Smart Energy Regulation & Control as standard. Find out more by downloading the brochure using the form below – 

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Heat Networks

  • District and Communal Heat Networks
  • Delivery of low carbon heating
  • Heat Interface Units
  • Energy Metering and Billing
  • Service and Maintenance
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Energy Metering & Billing

  • Credit Billing Services
  • PaySmart® Pre-payment System
  • Billing Solutions for Non Evinox Equipment
  • Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 Advice and Guidance
  • Domestic Heat Meters and Point of Entry & Bulk Meters
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Service & Maintenance

  • Heat Interface Unit Service & Maintenance
  • Plant Room – Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • ModuSat® Heat Interface Unit Enhanced Warranty Cover
  • Combined Packages for Metering, Billing and Service & Maintenance
  • Domestic Boiler Service & Maintenance