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Communal & District Heat Networks

A communal or district heat network system supplies heat to many dwellings from a common source. It may include a single plant room supplying a block of apartments. Or larger scale system heating many buildings.

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What is Communal or District Heating?

A communal or district heat network fulfils the energy needs of many customers. It supplies several customers with thermal energy for heating and/or production of domestic hot water.

System water is heated in a central plant. Then shared to the end-users via underground or above ground pipework. Finally, energy is transferred to the final customer via a heat interface unit (or other).

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Heat Network

Types of Heat Network

The size of a heat network can differ greatly. These two types have been defined:

Communal heating – A central plant supplies thermal energy to several final customers within one building.

District heating – A central plant supplies thermal energy to several final customers in more than one building.

Delivery of Low Carbon Heating

A well-designed heat network uses vastly less energy when compared to individual gas-fired boilers. With the combination of renewable energy sources, carbon emissions are also lowered.

Currently around 17’000 heat networks registered in the UK, serving domestic, public and commercial buildings. This is set to increase, with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) promoting the use of heat networks. Stating that they are key in the delivery of low carbon heating throughout the UK.

In recognition of this BEIS’s £320M Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) capital investment programme is expected to support up to 200 projects by 2021. Through grants and loans and other mechanisms. Also to lever in up to £2bn of wider investment, reducing bills, cutting carbon and forming a key part of wider urban regeneration. It’s supported by the Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU), which was set up to provide support (grant funding and guidance) to local authorities in England and Wales. This aids progress at the development stages of heat networks projects. From heat mapping through to early commercialisation.

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Heat Interface Units

Heat interface units (HIU’s) in each apartment or home are connected to a central heat source. Then provide independent hot water and heating for each residence. Removing the requirement for individual boilers and gas supply in each home.

Providing the end-user with the same autonomy as if they had their own boiler and tank. Like having their own independent heat source, they pay for only the energy they use.

Metering & Billing Solutions

When designing, installing or operating a heat network, energy metering, monitoring and billing should be a key consideration from the outset. This ensures the best solution is provided for residents and building owner or manager.

Evinox is a leading specialist in energy metering and billing. Our services are varied, ranging from data only, through to a Pre-payment system. Or a complete remote billing solution using BUS / Ethernet communication. This provides the end-user with a fully itemised energy bill.

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Service & Maintenance Solutions

Evinox heating systems are designed to operate at optimum efficiency, using high-performance equipment. This level of the continuous operation and maintenance service impacts on the lifetime of the scheme.

We offer service and maintenance packages that are available throughout the lifetime of a project. Our highly qualified service engineers provide the highest standard of service. They are trained specialists in our full range of heating equipment.

Our Communal & District Heating Solutions

Your choice of communal heating and hot water system is a major decision. Installations made now stay with you for the lifetime of the building.

You want a cost-effective heat network design that will meet building regulations. Technology that’s sustainable and fuel-efficient. Service and support that’s reliable. Also metering, billing and management that’s simple, accurate and hassle-free.

We provide complete Communal Heating solutions. Including Heat Interface Units, Energy Metering and Billing and Service & Maintenance.

Discover how Evinox Energy can deliver the best heating solution for your next new build or refurbishment heat network project.

Heat Network Design Considerations
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  • Design Support Services Available
  • Products Tested to BESA Standard for Heat Interface Units with Published Results
  • ModuSat® HIUs Designed for Modern Energy Efficient Heat Networks
  • CPD Seminars Available
  • Evinox Heat Network Design Guide
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Solutions for Social Housing

  • Products and Services from One Single Supplier
  • Credit Billing Services
  • PaySmart® Debt Free Pre-Payment System
  • Billing Solutions for Non Evinox Equipment
  • Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014 Advice and Guidance
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Solutions for Developers

  • System Design Support Services
  • Products and Services from One Single Supplier
  • Allows Integration of Renewable Energy
  • Flexible Metering & Billing Solutions
  • Project Management and Guidance Provided
  • Products Tested to BESA Standard for Heat Interface Units with Published Results