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Our ModuSat Heat Interface Unit takes around 15 seconds to reach 55°C from the tap opening, providing an impressive dynamic response.

Using advanced Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic, in combination with PICV’s and a fast-acting actuator, the primary flow rate modulates to match the DHW or HTG demand and responds instantly to the changing loads.

Our Fast hot water response provides several benefits: –

  • Ensures that end user comfort is achieved by providing consistent, safe hot water at the tap.
  • The system is more efficient due to our fast control guaranteeing a low return temperature to the primary network at all times.
  • Minimises the amount of energy wasted.
  • The building owner has a hassle-free, efficient development.

FairHeat Tests

Heat interface units play a vital role in the efficiency of district and communal heating networks. As a result, Fairheat have developed a technical standard for testing the HIU performance, derived from the Swedish F:103-7e certification, but modified to better fit typical UK Heat Network operating parameters. This is a project that was funded by DECC.

Under the initial method of assessment, several tests were performed included heating tests, static domestic hot water tests, dynamic hot water tests, low flow hot water tests and keep warm facility tests. Our ModuSat HIU was included in the first phase of tests and performed well within the technical specification set out by Fairheat. Now with the improvements we have made to ensure a high speed DHW response, our ModuSat unit will be one of the top performing UK HIU’s in the Fairheat test method version 2.

Choosing the right HIU

Your choice of Heat Interface Unit (HIU) is a crucial element of the system design, installing the best solution from the outset can provide a more efficient and easy to manage scheme. With advances in technology and growing experience in system design, improved methods of controlling HIU’s and the primary network are available.

The use of PID controlled PICV’s in HIU’s means that only one valve is required for differential pressure control, flow modulation and full energy shut off. This reduces the size and weight of the unit, keeps maintenance costs to a minimum and increases functionality. In addition, Evinox Energy HIU’s are supplied prepayment ready with a room controller meaning there is no requirement for additional controls, sensors or equipment to provide remote monitoring of temperatures and flow rates or to switch the end user to a debt free Pre-Payment system.

(This will be available on ModuSat units supplied from Summer 2017)

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