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Your choice of Heat interface Unit (HIU), for dwellings connected to a communal or District heating network, is a crucial element of the system design. Installing the best solution from the outset can provide a more efficient and easy to manage scheme. With advances in technology and growing experience in system design, improved methods of controlling HIU’s and the primary network are available.

Our control strategy

Our ModuSat® units use an advanced Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic, in combination with PICV’s and a fast acting actuator, which modulate the primary flow rate to match the DHW or HTG demand, and respond instantly to the changing loads. This ensures that end user comfort is achieved by providing consistent, safe hot water at the tap, as well as guaranteeing the low return temperature to the primary network at all times.

The use of PID controlled PICV’s in HIU’s means that only one valve is required for differential pressure control, flow modulation and full energy shut off. This reduces the size and weight of the unit, keeps maintenance costs to a minimum and increases functionality.

In addition, Evinox Energy HIU’s are supplied prepayment ready as standard, with a room controller for the end user, meaning there is no requirement for additional controls, sensors or equipment to switch the end user to a debt free Pre-Payment system. The integrated technology also enables remote monitoring for diagnostics and improving the efficiency of the system.

PICV’s alone are not the answer

The innovations in Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) technology have led to an increase in their use within Heat interface units. Whilst there are a number of HIU’s available that feature PICV technology, it’s vital that they are correctly controlled, and Evinox Energy recommend the use of fast acting actuators and a tailored PID control logic. Failure to size or control PICV’s correctly will result in a reduced level of comfort for the end user and a potentially less efficient primary network.

Evinox Energy are confident that the future of HIU’s lies in electronically controlled units that provide full comfort to the end user, whilst also delivering important information regarding the operation of the system, which can be monitored, adjusted or regulated remotely over the internet.

To achieve the same result using a mechanically controlled HIU, additional equipment may be required such as – an energy shut of valve, credit display device, temperature sensors and flow sensors connected to the BMS or EMS system.

By combining effective HIU control with excellent after-sales end user support and flexible metering and billing services, the building owner has a hassle-free, efficient development and residents enjoy a comfortable and relaxed place to live.

Discover how Evinox Energy can deliver the best solution for your next new build or refurbishment heat network project

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