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Evinox HIU's are Designed for Modern Low Temperature Heat Networks


ModuSat® XR – How Low Can You Go?

lowering system temperatures is a critical factor in the efficient operation of UK heat networks.

Heat networks with 70/40 primary flow/return temperatures are becoming commonplace and increasingly we are starting to see primaries designed for 60/30 flow/return. This means network designers can focus on efficiency, carbon emissions and energy costs while also meeting the lifestyle and comfort requirements of customers in terms of abundance of DHW provision. 

Designed for modern heat networks, ModuSat® XR-ECO units provide excellent heating and hot water performance at heat network primary flow temperatures as low as 60ºC or even 55ºC.

Reducing primary network temperatures enables-

  • Heat generation plant to operate more efficiently;
  • Lower grade, low carbon heat sources to play a more prominent role in the energy mix;
  • and heat losses to be dramatically reduced.

Low DHW Return Temperatures

Industry best practice guides, such as the London Heat Network Manual and CIBSE/ADE Heat Networks Code of Practice (CP1) recommend a primary return temperature of less than 25°C from domestic hot water production at full load. 

The Evinox ModuSat XR has been designed to deliver return temperatures significantly below this across a wide range of primary system operating conditions. By incorporating ultra-high efficiency domestic hot water plate heat exchangers with improved volumetrics which encourage turbulent flow, designers are given the opportunity to focus on the energy efficiency performance of HIU systems, while continuing to maintain impressive full load hot water capacity and flow rates. 

Download the ModuSat® XR Brochure for Typical DHW Performance Figures by Completing the Form Below.

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Heat Interface Units

Our range of ModuSat® eco-efficient heat interface units (HIUs) have been designed to provide apartments and communal housing developments with independent fast recovery hot water and high efficiency heating.

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Communal & District Heating

A communal or district heating system supplies heat to a number of dwellings from a common heat source. It may comprise of, for example, a system heating a block of apartments or a larger scale system heating many buildings.

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Solutions for M&E Consultants

Our products and design principles meet the energy efficiency requirements to support modern heat networks. We work closely with consultants to provide advice and support when selecting equipment, and ensure successful project delivery.

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