Latest News from Evinox on the Impact of Covid-19

In the light of the worsening situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Evinox are doing everything possible to keep our operations functioning as close to normal as possible, with the utmost attention and strict observance of all precautions necessary to protect our employees, partners, collaborators and the general public, as per requirements and recommendations from public health authorities.


Below you can find a log of our actions and response to the ever changing situation. Any concerns or questions you might have, please do not hesitate to discuss with us, through all your regular channels and contacts. We are here to support!



Wednesday 1st April 2020 

New Construction Site Practices 


Wherdetailed arrangements have been put in place at construction sites and in particular where parking facilities have been established which means travelling by public transport is not necessary, our engineers will attend site to carry out work that has been requested. Our policy is to support the judgement of our engineer when present on site. If he deems that working practices are indeed safe and that social distancing norms are being respected, the work will be carried out. If otherwise, he has our support to leave site and we will advise our client accordingly 


Wednesday 25th March 2020 

The Construction Council’s Site Operating Procedures 


We are aware of two construction sites closing for 48 hours whilst they adopt The Construction Council’s Site Operating Procedures which can be downloaded from here: 

Construction Council Covid-19 Site Operating Procedures 


Once in place, we will assess the implementation of these procedures with regard to the well-being of our engineers before deciding whether it’s safe to be present where the procedures have been implemented 


Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Evinox Engineers will respond in an emergency! 

Evinox follows the advice of Boris Johnson to stay at home as much as possible and to only be in contact with people from the same household. Venturing out of doors, apart from exercising once per day, should only be in essential circumstances.


Our Evinox engineers will therefore only attend in emergency situations which consist of a lack of heating and hot water (and cooling where applicable and as the weather gets warmer) where we are not able to resolve the issue remotely. 


However, before attending we require confirmation that occupants do not have the coronavirus symptoms and have not been in contact recently with anyone who has.


We will likewise provide the same assurances on behalf of the engineer to the occupants.Once in attendance social distancing norms must apply and the engineer has our support to leave the premises if he doesn’t feel safe. 


Construction Sites and Social Distancing 


Construction sites in London are still operational. Following on from Boris Johnson’s unequivocal advice on Monday evening, as yesterday progressed, the advice form government ministers regarding construction sites was much more ambiguous. Our engineers have reported a lack of effective social distancing in operation compounded by the need to travel by Tube as there are insufficient parking spaces in the vicinity of major construction sites.

As a result, Evinox engineers are currently not attending construction sites. 


Monday 23rd March 2020 

Evinox is Fully Operational! 

  • We are still fully operational albeit the majority of our staff are working remotely. All employees working remotely have direct access to our IT systems and phone network so calls and emails will be answered as normal. 


Production and Supply of the Evinox Product Range 

  • We are still producing in our factory and currently have a robust supply chain. 


Remote diagnostics and monitioring of the entire Evinox population of Heating and Cooling Interface Units 

  • We are connected remotely to our population of over 25,000 Evinox Heat Interface Units (HIUs) and Cooling Interface Units (CIUs) via our SmartTalk® remote two-way communications system and through this are able to provide ongoing remote diagnostics and resolution support to our customers and residents. 


Support for our M&E Clients 

  • With regard to supporting our M&E clients’ site-based teams, we continue to be able to validate warranty and provide “commissioning certificates” again facilitated by our SmartTalk® remote two-way communications system. 


The Evinox Residential Billing Service

  • We are continuing to provide metering, Billing and Revenue Management services to property managers responsible for over 120 schemes and in excess of 12,000 occupancies. For those developments where we provide a Billing Service and additionally Evinox HIUs and/or CIUs have been installed, we can, using our “SmartTalk”® system: 
    • Monitor the credit status of each and every resident, thereby, we can work with the organisations managing each scheme to ensure that residents who find themselves in financial difficulty will not be without heating and/or cooling and hot water 
    • Guide and advise residents on ways to save money on their energy consumption 


Please note that our assessment is likely to change as and when the situation develops. We will keep you informed, in the coming weeks, on a regular basis.

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