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ModuSat TP 2015

Twin Plate HIU's for Heat Networks

The complete solution for instantaneous hot water and indirect space heating in communal heating systems.

ModuSat® TP

Twin Plate Heat Interface Units for Communal Heating Systems

Heat interface unit (HIU) for indirect heating and instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) with electronic PID control using Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) with modulating actuators achieving a low primary return temperature as well as providing differential pressure control and flow rate regulation.

The ModuSat® TP unit is the complete solution for instantaneous hot water and space heating production in communal and district heating systems.

Designed to operate with Evinox SmartTalk® two-way communication system for remote metering and diagnostics. The ModuSat® TP is a compact wall mounted unit that fits perfectly in an apartment utility room or kitchen cupboard

The heating circuit consists of plate heat exchanger (PHE), PICV, safety relief valve, manometer, flow and return temperature sensors, Wilo PWM circulation pump and expansion vessel. The heating circuit flow temperature is controlled by the modulation of the primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator. Weather compensation is applied to the set heating temperature using SmartTalk® 2-way communication. Suitable for radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil units.

Domestic Hot Water
Domestic hot water is heated via a separate plate heat exchanger and the temperature is regulated by the modulation of primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator. When fitted, the lime scale reducer minimises lime scale formation.

Features & Benefits

  • BSRIA tested to BS EN 1148:1999.
  • Electronically controlled PICVs for primary flow rate modulation to match the demand, differential pressure control and energy shut-off.
  • Integrated PaySmart® technology ready for pre-payment billing upgrade (activated anytime remotely).
  • KIWA Approved Unit (Provides the same level of compliance to the UK Water Regulations as WRAS approval)
  • Mobile billing app and mobile heating control app available for use on smart phones and tablets.
  • Integrated heat meter MID approved and class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434). Also capable of reading: Electrical Meter, Cold Water Meter & Chilled Water Meter.
  • Increased thermal efficiency achieved using the latest technology and efficient brazed stainless steel PHE’s.
  • Asymmetric DHW PHEs minimise the pressure drop on the primary side to reduce pumping costs.
  • ViewSmart room controller with optional upgrade to provide ENE3 compliant smart metering.
  • Option of top, bottom or combination connections.
  • SmartTalk® two way communication for remote monitoring, control, alarms and diagnostics.
  • Ultrasonic heat meter MID approved and class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434) – as required by the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.
  • Various Metering & Billing Options Including remote monitoring, alarms and diagnostics
  • Unit takes around 15 seconds to reach 55°C from the tap opening, providing an impressive dynamic hot water response (Available from Summer 2017).
  • External filling loop.
  • Includes inbuilt TCP/IP technology to operate on an Ethernet network if required.
  • Optional casing and pipework insulation available.
  • Integral hot water mixing valve for extra safety.
London City Island Image
With a focus on energy efficiency and aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the development, London City Island features a district heating system, which supplies residents with thermal energy for heating and production of domestic hot water.
Hot Water Steam Image
Our ModuSat Heat Interface Unit takes around 15 seconds to reach 55°C from the tap opening, providing an impressive dynamic response.

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