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ModuSat TP 2015

Delivering an Impressive Hot Water Response.

Provides user comfort, and also significantly contributes to increased network efficiency.

Delivering fast, safe and consistent hot water  

Residents of district heating developments expect consistent and safe hot water at the tap. To achieve this, we have developed a sophisticated HIU control logic, which uses a self-learning function to accurately match the required load, based on scheme specific operating conditions. This has greatly improved the HIU control valve opening and closing time and the control of output temperature. This Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic, in combination with accurate equipment sizing, pressure independent control valve and fast acting actuator, enables the HIU to deliver the hot water with minimal delay.

Our ModuSat® XR HIU delivers fast and responsive domestic hot water performance, providing high levels of user comfort and convenience, as illustrated in the performance graph oposite.

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Dynamic Hot Water Graph 7.9.17

The example above demonstrates that after the tap opens and calls for hot water, the DHW outlet temperature1 reaches 55°C after just 15 seconds.

Not only does this provide user comfort, but also significantly contributes to increased network efficiency by reducing energy waste, minimising network return temperature, reducing heat loss and reducing water consumption.



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