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System and Combi boilers

Featuring efficiency figures up to 109.3%, the ZEM has excellent environmental benefits.


Pre-mix, Wall Hung, Gas Condensing Boilers - for Domestic Applications

The Evinox ZEM Merite range of high efficiency boilers offer the ability to modulate to outputs as low as 2kW, up to either 17kW or 25kW, and have been designed for providing heating and hot water to residential buildings.

The range comprises of system and combination boilers with 4 models, the 5-25 SEP, the 2-17C / 5-25 C system boilers, and the 5-25C B120 combined appliance, with outputs to suit a variety of homes, from studio flat’s to large modern residences.

Weather Compensation and Frost Protection
An outside temperature sensor is supplied as standard with the ZEM to enable the heating circuit to compensate for weather changes and protect against frost damage to the system.

The ZEM SEP instantaneous plate heat exchanger combination boiler uses a full bore, three port valves to divert full boiler power to the plate when there is a demand for hot water. The diverter valve ensures a fast response and excellent reliability, with a flow rate of 13.1 l/min. The ZEM boiler will provide an impressive 131 litres of hot water at 40°C, after 10 minutes of draw off, with a cold water inlet of 10°C.

Our user friendly control kit wires back to the boiler microprocessor to simplify installation. All ZEM boilers can be installed with our unique cascade flue system, which connects to a central flue riser within the building. The unique vertical cascade flue system enables the connection of 11 boilers over 11 storeys on a common 110mm flue riser with the boilers remaining room sealed.

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