Harness the suns energy for a more efficient heating & hot water system

Solar water heating can deliver 50-60% of a typical building’s domestic hot water requirements over an average year

100% during the hot summer months – substantially reducing energy bills


Solar Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems

Evi-Sol system

Solar heating is currently the fastest growing renewable technology, and provides a more simple and effective way to achieve low carbon heating and domestic hot water solutions. A well designed solar installation collects clean, renewable, free energy and provides an easy to use solution, which can more than halve energy bills.

Integrated Solar Heating
The Evinox Evi-Sol package includes high quality solar collectors, solar energy controls, and storage tank or thermal store, all designed to work in harmony to provide the best solution for the designer, installer and the end user of the system. This provides a versatile package that can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual application.

Evi-Sol Solar Collectors
The Evi-Sol range of highly efficient solar collectors, have been designed to give maximum energy absorption and are easy to install in various applications. As the collectors work on diffused solar light as well as direct sunlight, they will even generate energy on partially cloudy days. Multiple panels can easily be fitted together as required for larger systems. Due to our unique large connection detail up to 20 flat plate collectors can be assembled in series without the need for expensive and complicated header arrangements.

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