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Complete Billing Service

Billing Services

For Communal & District Heating Systems

Our billing department can provide the following services:

  • Establish a database of dwellings connected to the scheme together with consumer details (if required)
  • Record daily consumptions of each apartment.
  • Monitor the performance of the system and check for any problems that may arise via our monitoring system.
  • Dependent on the contract we can issue billing data only i.e. consumption readings only. Or we can provide a full billing service where we proportion the energy use and the running costs of the heating system and proportion these costs against the energy use of each apartment.
  • We will issue bills in a format agreed with the client, which can be in spreadsheet format for the clients own use or we can set out the bills on a template of the clients own headed paper or bill format so they can be run off electronically by the client without any additional work.
  • For PaySmart pre-payment systems, we will provide the client with an annual summary of individual dwelling kWh consumption’s reconciled to cash purchases.
  • Operation and management of gas utility agreement.
  • Tariff setting – we can advise on and monitor energy costs so that the energy tariff can be adjusted according to fluctuations in fuel prices.
  • Provide reports on individual dwelling purchases on a request basis.
  • Provide a monthly or ‘ad hoc’ report of dwellings with a low or high purchase profile based on parameters set in conjunction with the client. These reports are probably the most important management tools for successful operation of the district-heating scheme. They will provide information such as ‘suspected tampering’, and people not buying heat at all.
  • Billing service can include revenue management


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