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Metering & Communication Networks

As standard we provide Bus or Ethernet hard wired network solutions, which offer the ability to read meters remotely via broadband communication.



Bus & Ethernet Metering Networks

For Communal & District Heating Systems

Our experience of communal heating has shown that reading energy meter’s remotely is the most straightforward and efficient way of gathering accurate readings. The main benefit of this technology is that it eliminates the requirement for time-consuming and costly visits to each unit or dwelling, while at the same time ensuring the most up to date information is captured every time.

Standard communication networks:

  • BUS hard wired
  • M-Bus
  • ModBus
  • Ethernet TCP/IP hard wired

Bus Metering Network

  • Hard-wired Bus data cabling network around building / scheme.
  • Meters read remotely via Broadband communication system.
  • Meter is wired to Bus data cabling system and data is fed to a SmartTalk® Data Logger.
  • SmartTalk® Data Logger collates meter information and sends data to remote monitoring office and vice versa allowing communication back and forth.
  • Lower running costs compared to GPRS network.

Ethernet Network TCP/IP

  • Hard-wired Ethernet TCP/IP data cabling network around building / scheme.
  • Meters read remotely via Broadband communication system.
  • SmartTalk® Data Logger collates meter information and sends data to remote monitoring office and vice versa allowing communication back and forth.
  • Removes the requirement for a Bus network or any amplifiers.
  • Large data transfer in a short period of time
  • Particularly simple solution for schemes that feature an existing Ethernet network.
  • TCP/IP data network provides real time data modelling. For example this may include:
    • System diversity modelling
    • Energy usage modelling
  • Simplified installation and reduced costs as network can be shared with other systems, such as BMS, alarm systems, broadband and others.

Our network solutions provide heat energy consumptions, as well as flow and return temperatures to and from the home, from the communal heating central plant room installation and the actual flow rate of the communal heating water into the apartment. These temperature and flow readings provide an overview of how the system is operating and are useful for an engineer to see if the system is balanced correctly and can identify areas of poor flow or an individual meter problem without the need to visit the site. This can also identify opportunities for energy reduction in the system.

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Remote Surveillance

Our remote surveillance system provides access to the system on several levels so that different operators, whether these are the system administrator, the maintenance engineer or the equipment manufacturer, use different operating modes. The structure of the remote management software gives efficient control of every heat interface unit.

This is the ultimate solution for billing, remote assistance, remote surveillance and remote diagnostic, the system is a vital part of the after sales package and enables the operator to determine if a fault on site is due to end user control or settings. Should the heat interface unit develop a fault or if there is a problem with the communal heating boiler plant, the remote surveillance enables a swift response and in many cases faults can be rectified before any of the occupiers know that it has occurred via the two-way communication capability.

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