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Integrated Communal Heating Systems

Only Evinox Energy combines the expertise and independence to deliver lifetime communal heating packages for any project brief

What is Communal or District Heating?

A communal or District heating system supplies heat to a number of dwellings from a common heat source. It may comprise of, for example, a heat network supplying a block of apartments or a larger scale system heating many buildings.

This type of efficient communal heating uses significantly less energy when compared to individual gas fired boilers and with the combination of renewable energy sources, carbon emissions are greatly reduced. There are currently around 2000 heat networks in the UK, serving 2% of domestic, public and commercial demand. However this is set to increase, with the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) promoting the use of heat networks and stating that they are key in the delivery of low carbon heating throughout the UK.

Heat interface units (HIU) in each apartment or home are connected to a central heat source and provide independent hot water and heating for each residence connected to the heat network. This removes the requirement for individual boilers and a gas supply in each home. Providing the end user with the same autonomy as if they had their own boiler and tank, and just as with their own independent heat source they pay for only the energy they use.

Evinox Energy Communal Heating

Your choice of communal heating and hot water system is a major decision and installations made now stay with you for the lifetime of the building.

You want a cost-effective heat network design that will meet building regulations. Technology that’s sustainable and fuel-efficient. Service and support that’s reliable. And metering, billing and management that’s simple, accurate and hassle-free.

Only Evinox Energy combines the expertise and independence to deliver lifetime communal heating packages for any project brief.

We provide complete Communal Heating solutions including Central Plant Room Equipment, Heat Interface Units and Energy Metering, Billing and Remote Surveillance.

Discover how Evinox Energy can deliver the best heating solution for your next new build or refurbishment multi-occupancy project. Contact us today on 01372 722277

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