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Intelligently Control, Monitor and Optimise

Controlled effectively, heating, ventilation and air conditioning form the foundations of a comfortable building.

When managed efficiently they can significantly reduce energy consumption.



Intelligent Building Control System

AcuMen touch screen with solar and thermal stores

The Evinox AcuMen is a flexible and scalable system for controlling and monitoring residential and commercial buildings, to provide lower running costs, reduced carbon footprint, convenience, security and comfort.

Based on open standards, the intelligent AcuMen system offers a wide variety of interfaces to control heating and ventilation appliances, as well as integrating with the components and equipment taking care of the rest of a building’s systems.

This can include security, access control, audio and video distribution, energy monitoring and many more.

For energy management and to maintain an optimum building temperature, the AcuMen system is capable of intelligently modulating the on and off times for the heating system by monitoring weather forecasts and occupancy levels, and switching off lights in empty rooms, all of which can reduce energy use by up to 30%.

Control can range from a conventional single thermostat system through to highly sophisticated domestic and commercial systems where multiple heating zones and heat sources are integrated and operate to achieve the highest building efficiency.

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