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Centralised Plant from Evinox

Evinox provide a full system solution - including centralised plant

with all elements of the system chosen to work in harmony

Central Plant Room / Energy Centre Solutions

For Communal Heating Systems

Our ModuSat communal Heating System, connected to a centralised plant room (Energy Centre), allows you to effectively integrate renewable technology and reduce carbon emissions for the building.Packaged plant skid mounted at Hickman Highrise

Evinox provides main plant which can include any combination of renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, air or ground source heat pumps, biomass or CHP, combined with top up boiler plant, to further improve performance and energy savings.

  • Full system solution - includes centralised plant, with all elements of the system chosen to work in harmony
  • Significantly reduces energy requirement of the central plant – increased diversity uses the thermal energy storage capability of the ModuSat Storage unit
  • Eco-energy compatible –- integrates easily with renewable energy sources
  • Complete Package – Evinox provides support from system sizing and design through to ongoing maintenance

Evinox Central Plant Options

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