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District Heating Companies That Help Local Authorities?

District heating companies are what a lot of councils and local authorities are turning to in order to receive help and advice regarding the implementation of a decentralised heating network for properties.

However, given that many authorities don't know much about the specifics of these systems, it can be hard to know which companies can offer them the best service.

Thankfully, there are communal heating specialists out there who are able to guide and support councils, local authorities and social housing management teams through the transition into district energy. This is advisable because there is still a knowledge gap when it comes to such heating frameworks within UK local authorities.

Surveys performed by the Citizens Advice Bureau found that of 204 local authorities that responded to the consumer advice body, 6% of respondents were unaware of whether or not they were operating such networks. A further 10% indicated they knew of such schemes in their area, but didn't have information on them. Only about 30% of local authorities were actually aware of such frameworks in their area and were able to provide further details. It's clear then that there are still many local authorities that still don’t know about the benefits or intricacies of running decentralised heat district frameworks.

However, this would be likely to change if local authorities were utilising the services of heating network specialists. With the government currently pushing councils and local authorities to reduce their energy carbon footprint, a decentralised plant that provides heating to multiple social housing properties is advisable. This is because these plants can be built to significantly reduce energy wastage.

At Evinox Energy Ltd, the top UK specialists amongst district heating companies, we understand that it's not easy to run operate associations. However, with our services, we can reduce the stress and increase contentment amongst residents with our accurate metering systems, regular maintenance and full revenue management solutions. Call Evinox Energy Ltd today on +44 (0)1372 722277 or visit us online at

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Communal & District Heating

A communal or district heating system supplies heat to a number of dwellings from a common heat source. It may comprise of, for example, a system heating a block of apartments or a larger scale system heating many buildings.

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Metering & Billing

We provide various metering & billing solutions for heat networks. These range from data only, through to a Pre-payment system, or a complete remote billing solution using BUS or Ethernet communication to provide the end user with a fully itemised energy bill.

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Heat Interface Units

Our range of ModuSat® eco-efficient heat interface units (HIUs) have been designed to provide apartments and communal housing developments with independent fast recovery hot water and high efficiency heating.

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