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Communal Heating – Is It Right For Your Development?

Communal heating is a popular option for many new-build developers and those involved in refurbishment projects. This is particularly true for those working on social housing projects.

One of the reasons for this is the benefits that it provides in terms of its ability to offer low carbon heating to tenants at a reduced cost compared to other heating solutions. Communal and district heating solutions can be connected to blocks of flats, or single dwellings within a larger development. However, is this type of heating solution right for your development?

Features And Benefits Of District Heating For Social Housing Providers

For a communal heating solution to work as part of your new development or refurbishment project, it must provide benefits to both you as the developer and to the end user, the tenant. If the solution fails on either of these, then it is not right for the development. What benefits can you and the tenants expect from district heating schemes?

From the perspective of the developer, the first benefit is that it allows you and the end user to cut your carbon footprint. You can provide highly efficient and effective heating and hot water using clean energy sources, and at a reduced cost compared to individual boiler installations. The tenant can benefit from this too, heating their homes in the knowledge that it is not costing the planet.

Furthermore, the tenant benefits from cost savings. The communal heating system, being more efficient, uses less energy to heat the home and provides hot water as it is required. Combined with remote monitoring and detailed billing to the end customer which means that they only pay for the energy they use, energy bills are reduced. When the billing system is properly overseen, the social landlord also benefits, as tenants tend to experience lower levels of debt.

Choosing Your Community Heating Provider

These and other benefits are only possible if you choose the right community heating for the scheme. To find the right provider, you must have a clear idea of what you need. Are you building or refurbishing a block of flats, where all the dwellings are in the same building; or are there multiple buildings involved in the project? This will make a difference as to whether you need someone with experience in communal- or district-type heating systems.

It also helps to have a grasp of the size and complexity of the project, along with your predicted timescale and basic budget. Once you have these, you can look for a company with experience of working on social housing projects like yours. Where possible, use a company recommended by another industry professional. If this information isn’t available, then look online and check out reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Take the time to follow up reviews and talk directly to previous clients. If they recommend a company, ask why, and what the benefits are of working with that business. Once you have narrowed down your search, do talk to each company you are interested in. Discuss your plans and ideas, and listen to their input. Find out what heating solutions, including heat interface units(HIU), these district heating companies work with. Also, ask about their long-term support systems. How do they support tenants and social landlords once the construction is complete? Do they offer maintenance, billing and system monitoring? One company that provides all these services is Evinox Energy Ltd.

Supporting Tenants With Communal Heating From Evinox Energy Ltd

At Evinox Energy Ltd, we take great pride in our after-care services as well as the design services that we provide. When you choose our communal heating systems, we provide metering services, including pre-payment meters; and a complete billing service as part of the overall package. With our district heating solutions, you can be sure to save money and help save the environment, while supporting landlords and tenants to live comfortably. You can find out more about us and the work we do at To talk to us directly, either leave us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn, or call +44 (0)1372 722277.

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Communal & District Heating

A communal or district heating system supplies heat to a number of dwellings from a common heat source. It may comprise of, for example, a system heating a block of apartments or a larger scale system heating many buildings.

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Metering & Billing

We provide various metering & billing solutions for heat networks. These range from data only, through to a Pre-payment system, or a complete remote billing solution using BUS or Ethernet communication to provide the end user with a fully itemised energy bill.

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Heat Interface Units

Our range of ModuSat® eco-efficient heat interface units (HIUs) have been designed to provide apartments and communal housing developments with independent fast recovery hot water and high efficiency heating.

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